Geoff Barrett, Ex-Officio Board Member

Geoff Barrett is currently the Acting Director General of the Consumer Product Safety Directorate (CPSD) of Health Canada. In this role, Geoff is responsible for the assessment, management and communication of health and safety risks for all consumer products and cosmetics in Canada. In Geoff’s substantive role as the Director of CPSD’s Risk Management Bureau, he is responsible for the development and implementation of risk management approaches including the oversight of voluntary standards, development of regulations, and coordination of Canada's national compliance and enforcement program for consumer product and cosmetic safety.  While Geoff has been with Health Canada since 2004, he recently returned in 2016 from a 2 year assignment with the Government of Canada’s Privy Council Office where he was responsible for working with Canadian federal regulators to strengthen regulatory alignment efforts.


Acting Director General,
Consumer Product Safety Directorate, Health Canada

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