Rick Brenner, ICPHSO Past President

Rick Brenner is ICPHSO's past President and was the 2017 Symposium Planning Chair.   He is president of Product Safety Advisors LLC, a consulting firm expert at addressing supply chain challenges in product safety, compliance and social responsibility.  Mr. Brenner has been instrumental in establishing product safety awareness as a major objective for the $20 billion promotional products industry.  He was a founder of the non-profit Quality Certification Alliance (qcalliance.org) and served as chair of its compliance committee for seven years.  He is immediate past chair of the 11,000 member Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), a founding member of its Product Responsibility Action Group (PRAG) and co-chair PPAI’s Product Safety Summit for each of the past five years.  He has written extensively on product safety and compliance topics and is the author of the blog BrennerOnSafety.com.

Product Safety Advisors
Phone: 914.200.1200
Email: rfbrenner@icphso.org
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