Rick Rosati, ICPHSO Vice President

Rick works for Bureau Veritas and is the Director of Technical Services in the Americas region. His primary responsibilities include monitoring and communicating legislative and regulatory activity, participating in pertinent standards development activity and supporting industry activities and trade shows. Previous to his current role at Bureau Veritas, Rick was a Product Test Engineer and the Manager of the Toy and Juvenile Products testing operation at BVs Buffalo, NY facility. Rick has been with BV for 14 years and has 15 years experience as a property and product liability loss control engineer in the Insurance Industry.

Rick is a member of ASTM, ASQ, JPMA and TIA, actively participates in several ASTM committees and is member of the ASTM Executive Committee.

Director of Technical Services,
Bureau Veritas
Phone: 716-505-3472
Email: richard.rosati@us.bureauveritas.com
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