Rod Freeman, Board Member



Rod Freeman is an International Products Lawyer. He is routinely ranked as a leading product litigation lawyer in the major legal directories, where he is described as “the outstanding go-to specialist for product liability matters”, “without a shadow of a doubt the most knowledgeable product liability lawyer in the European space” and where it has been said that he is "a real technical expert with knowledge of all the latest developments, and an enormously instinctive feel for the law".  

Rod works alongside the world's leading and most innovative global companies to help them solve their product-related issues, protect their reputations, defend their products and build more successful businesses. With a background in high-stakes product liability litigation and more than 20 years devoted to international products law, Rod understands the challenges faced by international brand names in an increasingly risky global environment.

He has the experience and insight to find creative and practical commercial solutions to product issues around the world. Rod leads a team that defends product liability litigation, handles product-related B2B disputes, manages and resolves product safety and regulatory compliance issues, launches products, and manages international product recalls. In short, Rod helps his clients find solutions to their issues that arise throughout the product life cycle.

Rod is deeply embedded in the product liability and product safety community internationally, often working with policy-makers to help shape the future of product liability and product safety regulation.

Head of International Product Compliance and Product Liability,
Cooley LLP
Phone: +44 20 7556 4429
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