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    • 2018 NW Workshop Highlight
      Plenary Session # 1: Managing the Flood: Putting Your Data Streams to Good Use
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    • ICPHSO Inclusion Reception in Seattle

      Join us at our workshop concluding reception, as we launch the ICPHSO 25th Anniversary Inclusion Initiative

    • 2018 NW Workshop Highlight
      Plenary Session # 3: Product Safety Data Collection and Analysis

      A discussion about information sources available to companies and CPSC, data analysis tools, as well as challenges and successes in the shared goal of identifying potential safety hazards at an early opportunity.  The panel will also explore opportunities to foster a more open sharing of incident data with CPSC, either through an enhanced version of the Retailer Reporting Program or other means.  By working together and discussing these issues, CPSC and industry stakeholders can advance their shared product safety objectives based on objective data collection, analysis, and review.

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    • 2018 NW Workshop Highlight
      Plenary Session # 6: CPSC Import Targeting

      In-depth look at the authorities of CPSC and CBP for enforcing U.S. laws for consumer product safety and how the agencies work together as one U.S. government at the border.

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